This is a short list of recent projects I was involved in.

2017 | PHP, Sass

Website of Remember to Play, a strategic design and innovation consulting agency. I had the pleasure to work with them a few times in the past, and this time I helped them build their new online home, adding responsiveness and interaction to their unmistakable design.

Travel Iago smartphone app

2016—2017 | React Native, Redux, Node.js

An app for curious food lovers who want to explore foreign culture while traveling, by trying authentic cuisine in small restaurants that locals love the most. It was released for Android and iOS.

Definitely one of the most challenging (and satisfying) projects I worked on, this app was a result of a wonderful team of skilled and creative people from all over the world working together to create something fun and useful.

It was also a great opportunity to watch the React platform grow and mature with time, becoming a reliable tool for building native apps almost as easily as their web counterparts.

Travel Iago dashboard

2016—2017 | React, Redux, Sass, CSS Modules, Node.js

An in-house tool built to help Iago's local experts upload, edit and review content.

Creating this web app was, among other things, a good exercise in API design and building reusable UI components, as well as an opportunity to try out React's server-side rendering capabilities.

Delaunay Triangulation Wallpaper Generator

2016 | Node.js, HTML5 Canvas

An entry for the 2016 10k Apart contest. A simple application that lets the user create a background filled with triangles. If JavaScript is enabled, it uses canvas to generate the image in the browser, otherwise it behaves like a regular form and sends a request to the server.

The goal of the contest was to create a fully functional, standards-compliant website/app within a 10-kilobyte size limit.

2016 | Laravel 5, Sass

A complete redesign of my mom's professional website. This started as a side project to learn Laravel, practice my design skills and explore new layout possibilities offered by flexbox, but soon progressed far enough to actually replace the old version from 2010.

2015 | Bootstrap 3, Less, jQuery

Website of a 2015 "Od Wstydu Do Odwagi" conference, an event for psychologists, coaches, parents, teachers and employers, focusing on the subject of shame and vulnerability.

As the site itself is fairly simple, the main challenge of this project was to make the design eye-catching while still readable on different devices.

2015 | CakePHP 3, Less

Website of the campus Internet TV of the Warsaw School of Economics. I tried to preserve the feel of the previous design while modernizing it, getting rid of some unnecessary skeuomorphic details, and rebuilding the site with responsiveness in mind.

I was particularly proud of the off-canvas menu that appears on smaller screens.

2014—2015 | WordPress, jQuery, CSS

Website of African Clean Energy, a successful startup aimed at providing off-grid household energy solutions to people in Sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere in the developing world.

In this project I was responsible for modifying and maintaining the theme and plugins to match the company's visual identity developed by Marta Marszal from Remember to Play.